Burleson Yard Beer GardenRemember when you were a kid and you found a neat spot outside where you and your friends could hang out, play games, and just relax? Maybe it was a park, or a place in the woods, or even your backyard. Well now there’s a spot for adults, kids, and dogs alike in downtown San Antonio – the Burleson Yard Beer Garden. 

Burleson Yard Beer Garden Located at 430 Austin St. right around the corner from the Hays Street Bridge, The Burleson Yard Beer Garden offers over 50 different types of beer whether it be on draft, in a bottle or in a can. The yard has tons of outside seating, but don’t worry if the Texas heat gets to you, there are shaded areas and plenty of seating inside. This place is seriously huge. With a wide variety of seating: from barstools to picnic tables to hammocks.

Burleson Yard Beer GardenBurleson Yard has so much to offer. There’s two televisions outside, two inside, a projector, table tennis, a playground, and there’s even talks of converting an old storage container into a pop up artist shop! There’s also different food trucks that stop by every day! Here’s the current schedule:

Monday: Hot Burras
Tuesday: La Maceta
Wednesday: Fat Tummy Empanadas
Thursday: Professor Frank Furters & La Maceta
Friday: La Maceta & Grouchy Mama
Saturday: Revolutionary Wings & Hot Burras
Sunday: La Maceta & Wicked Dog

Burleson Yard Beer GardenWith so much to do and enjoy while you relax, it’s the people’s paradise. With it’s doors opening earlier this year, Burleson Yard will begin to host events throughout the year. We’ll make sure to cover any new happenings and keep you updated. In the meantime, grab your entire group of friends (because there seriously is enough room for all of them) and enjoy yourself at the newest and most relaxing hangout spot in San Antonio!