Rosella CoffeeFinals are right around the corner and your school’s library is about to become packed with cram-sesh students.  Why not avoid the bunch and study at a local coffee shop instead.  We’ve made it easy for you and picked a few of our favorite coffee shops to study at.

Rosella is one of my favorite spots to study at because of its chill vibe and neat second-story overlook tables. I personally like to sit by myself upstairs, it’s a relaxing spot to focus. But just a warning, it’s always packed! Everyone knows it’s a hot spot to study and drink yummy coffee.

Halcyon, (hal-see-yon), means peaceful, carefree, untroubled, and prosperous. The name alone is a huge reason why Halcyon is a perfect study spot. This Southtown “coffee house by day, bar and lounge by night” is open every day of the week for your study (and beverage) convenience.

Bird BakeryBird Bakery
Another popular student study area is the cozy, colorful eating room at Bird Bakery. My favorite spot to sit is at the community table so I can spread by laptop, books, and sandwich out in front of me with plenty of room to spare. And if you go to Bird, you MUST try an Elvis cupcake. Trust me, just get one.

The Fairview
The Fairview is a favorite spot of ours, especially when it comes to quiet places to get work done. With open spaces and community tables, this coffee shop won’t burst your personal-space bubble. Plus, its coffee and grub menu are not to be missed.

Indy Coffee CoIndy Coffee
With the slogan “Sippin’ and Rippin'” Indy Coffee Co. is a hip coffee bar located by UTSA that is definitely worth checking out. The wooden decor and calm vibe is an ideal setting for focusing and studying.

Local Coffee
With four locations at Pearl, Broadway, Stone Oak and Medical Center, you’re bound to find an open outlet, and let’s be honest, that’s the most important part in locating a prime study spot. Local Coffee is great for conversations or studying… or both if you’re like me and get a little sidetracked sometimes during study time.

Located in Dominion Ridge, Cuppencake is a charming coffee shop with lots of comfortable couches and chairs to sit at for hours while you study. The expresso bar and bakery lounge also has yummy sandwiches and treats so you won’t go hungry.

Next time you’re on your way to the library, remember these quiet coffee shops all around SA that are full of outlets, couches and perfect for studying.