Truckin TomatoTruckin TomatoEvery second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Truckin’ Tomato parks on N. Main St. and opens it’s doors to a healthier lifestyle. Fresh, bright red tomatoes, oranges, cauliflower and potatoes are lined up for you to pick up along with other local goods. We can no longer think of a reason to avoid eating healthy.

Truckin TomatoTruckin TomatoTruckin TomatoAlong with produce, Truckin’ Tomato stocks jams, coffee beans, honey (large and miniature size!), beef jerky and other locally produced items. You can also find baked goods, milk and eggs in the refrigerators. We were ecstatic when we saw Revolucion juice in the fridge! Pineapple, apple and chia seed cold-pressed juice anyone?

N. Main isn’t the only place you can find Truckin’ Tomato. Other frequent locations include Travis Park, schools, large businesses and various other places throughout San Antonio (you can find Truckin’ Tomatoes’ calendar here). Truckin’ Tomato also offers home delivery! Can you imagine walking outside and seeing fresh fruits and vegetables waiting for you? Currently, Truckin’ Tomato only delivers to certain area codes, but plans to expand in the second quarter of this year. Delivery times are 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Each zip code has it’s own designated delivery day.

Truckin TomatoOne of the perks of shopping at a mobile farmers market is the fresh air and short lines! Not only will you be eating healthy, but you’ll be shopping in a stress free environment which is one of our favorite reasons we love Truckin’ Tomatoes’ concept.

Truckin TomatoTruckin TomatoNot only does this mobile, health store promote a healthy lifestyle, but profits are also used to help provide meals to those struggling to put food on the table. Truckin’ Tomato has a passion for healthy eating and we applaud them for coming up with an innovative way to truly bring the farmers market to our doorstep. Healthy eating for the 21st century!