Last summer I traveled to the Dominican Republic and experienced my first time in pure paradise! From the endless palm trees to the amazingly kind community, I realized I need to spend more time outside of the US.

dominicanrepublic2Oh, the beach house. Before passing through the doors I had no idea places like this existed. A pool with attached hot tub took up most of the patio alongside the outdoor bar. Further down there was a volleyball net and small hut with relaxing hammock. I spent many hours laying amongst the trees with the fan blowing on me. The humidity is no joke in the DR!

dominicanrepublicWe spent the first couple of days exploring the history of the country. The architect was gorgeous and every street held a different style. You could go from the high-end malls to shacks in a moment.

dominicanrepublic4One of the most exciting days took place in the jungle. High above the trees we took to the zip lines to explore nature. I loved how we were able to enjoy the view from the top as well as inside the jungle! All the flowers I came across were foreign to me. The majestic colors captured all of my attention.

dominicanrepublic5This bridge will forever stay close to my heart for I nearly fell off of it while trying to do a little dance. Yes, the joke was definitely on me. But just look at that emerald green!

dominicanrepublic6As someone who has spent her years lounging on the beaches of Texas, I had no idea that the ocean was not supposed to have a distinct smell. The Dominican beaches transformed my entire perception on what an ocean should smell, look and feel like. For the first time, I was able to walk into the depths of the ocean and peer down at my feet.

dominicanrepublic7A hotel rested alongside the cliffside and although I was unable to stay, I did venture inside to take pictures. Can you imagine having breakfast parallel to the water – the breeze in your hair, fresh fruit beside you. When I return, I shall stay at least two nights here. Wherever you are, the country is gorgeous and will grace you with new experiences.

Have you been to the Dominican Republic? Where did you find your safe haven?