Top 5 Pizzas in San AntonioYou can never go wrong with pizza. So many variables equals an endless combination of sauces, toppings, cheeses and even drizzles. We searched for the best pizza pies around town and chose five of our favorite spots listed below in no particular order.

Top 5 Pizzas in San AntonioStella Public House prides itself on “farm to table pizza,” and rightfully so. When I came in for lunch, I spotted a group of fresh arugula plants ready to be plucked and served atop a pizza. Therefore, we had to order the Prosciutto & Arugula pizza which also included: burrata, house mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. The burrata (a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream) is my new favorite topping. It’s soft, creamy texture matches so well with the arugula and prosciutto. Some of Stella’s other pizzas include: Bee Sting, Pancetta Pear, Quattro, Ratatouille among others unique combinations.

Top 5 Pizzas in San AntonioDough Pizzeria is making vegetables cool again. Above is the seasonal pizza:  Smoked pancetta, asparagus, spring peas, Calabrian chiles, roasted garlic, fontina garlic panna, and fresh rosemary. We added some oak roasted mushrooms to the party, because why not?  Dough specializes in napoletana pizza, has an imported brick oven from Italy and sources all of their ingredients from local farms, so you know they mean serious business when it comes to making pizzas.

Top 5 Pizzas in San AntonioNext, you don’t have to travel to Chicago to try this special pie. Amigo’s serves a delicious Chicago style deep dish pizza where your choice of toppings are instead stuffed inside the pie alongside gooey mozzarella and topped with tomato sauce. Pro Tip: deep dish pizza requires more time in the oven, so you can call Amigo’s ahead of time (30-40 minutes prior) and they’ll have it ready by the time you come in!

Top 5 Pizzas in San AntonioSoBro Pizza Co located at 1915 Broadway near the Pearl have a number of unique pizzas ready for multiple visits. Above is the FIGJAM pizza: sweet figs, house mozzarella, tangy gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto and arugula. Another one of my personal favorite pies is their Bacon and Pears: bacon jam, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Asian pears, smoked pancetta, and arugula. SoBro’s knows how to balance their pies with great flavors. Some of their other toppings you can add to your pizza include: fried egg, spanish chorizo, caramelized onion, avocado and more! Save room for dessert, because they also have a gelato!

Urban Bricks Pizza Co.Last but not least, Urban Bricks at The Rim. What better pizza than the one you create yourself? Urban Bricks lets your creative side run wild to build and enjoy your own pizza at an incredible price. You can choose between 3 types of crust, 4 different sauces, a variety of cheeses, AND over 40 different toppings. There’s no limit to your number of toppings, so go wild! The combinations are endless and so will the number of our visits.

Which pizza joints listed above  are you looking forward to trying? What are some of your favorite places to grab a slice?