AmigosChicagoPizza1.2Chicago Amigo’s Pizza, located next door to Darna, is a small pizza joint that we often overlooked because we were usually craving gyros far too much. Today, however, we were craving pizza and when we saw the words “deep dish”, we immediately parked our car in a different area of the parking lot.

AmigosChicagoPizza6.2AmigosChicagoPizza2.2AmigosChicagoPizza3.2AmigosChicagoPizza4.3Inside, there are six booths against two walls and a long table in the middle for larger groups. We sat near the sunlight and happily ordered a half pineapple, half pepperoni, deep dish pizza with a greek salad for an appetizer. The salad was delicious and had a generous serving of feta cheese. I attempted to eat the pizza with a fork and knife since it was very thick, but ended the meal using my hands which made the pizza taste even better!

So, are you a fan of deep dish pizza?