When I’m in need of a sweet pick-me-up, my options are limited due to lactose intolerance. Recently, we partnered up with Nada Moo, a Texas-based, non-dairy ice cream made with organic coconut milk. Now my ice cream cravings are satisfied! We decided to shake things up with our dessert routine up with a recipe from Nada Moo’s kitchen, and our hearts and stomachs are full.

Nada Moo Rocky Road

Photo by Jacqueline Fierro


  • 1 pint of NadaMoo The Rockiest Road ice cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate chunks
  • Gluten free cookie pieces

In a mason jar begin by layering marshmallows, almonds, chocolate chunks, and cookies pieces.
In a blender, place 1 pint of The NadaMoo Rockiest Road ice cream and blend until desired thickness. We recommend keeping the shake thick. Pour 1/3 of the blended ice cream into the mason jar and continuing layering until you’ve used all of the ice cream and reached the top of the mason jar. Top with roasted marshmallows, cookies pieces, and chocolate pieces.

Nada Moo Birthday Cake

Photo by Alyssa Walker

If you are more of a vanilla person, this classic concoction is for you. We kept it simple by combining Nada Moo Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Ice Cream and topped it all off with sprinkles chocolate. Nothing hits the spot like a sundae!

What is your favorite Nada Moo flavor? Let us know in the comments!