San Antonio Running Company Mural

San Antonio Running Company SeatingSan Antonio Running Company InteriorSan Antonio Running CompanySan Antonio Running Company ClothingSan Antonio Running Companysarunningco-1390The San Antonio Running Company, located in Southtown, provides everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. Inside the San Antonio Running Company, you’ll find a cold pressed juice and coffee bar by Revolucion , unique work out attire that may cause you to spontaneously update your entire exercise wardrobe, and seating areas perfect for sipping on Revolucion’s cold pressed juice. The store itself has been set up in such a way that relaxation instantly hits your body when you walk through the front door. All seems to be in it’s right place and the atmosphere is calm. The ideal place to practice yoga, which the San Antonio Running Company offers! The San Antonio Running Company’s logo of a sugar skull greets you at the door and a mural of a colorful downtown map is painted across from the coffee and juice bar. We had a chance to sit down with Manny Carral, co-founder of the San Antonio Running Company, to talk about everything from what he believes you need for a balanced, healthy lifestyle to his favorite Revolucion beverage.

20SA: What was the inspiration for the San Antonio Running Company?
MC: As the owner of Revolucion Coffee, I wanted to pivot on an existing business market. I wanted to create a space that was health conscious and incorporated a healthy lifestyle through yoga, running and nutrition. Overall, our goal is to bring a healthier lifestyle to Southtown.

20SA: What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?
MC: Take a runner and a three-legged stool. You need to have nutrition, which is our Revolucion products, something other than running, which is yoga, and a support system. At the San Antonio Running Company, we create a support system for runners and athletes through group runs, education and having people talk about their experiences. By listening to others talk about their work out routine and ways they stay fit and healthy, others become inspired and motivation grows.

20SA: We love the murals! What do they represent?
MC: Everything we do has a Hispanic feel to it. Sugar skulls make you think about the Hispanic culture and we also wanted to galvanize the name and downtown. As for the map, we want to educate people about the River Walk. Before runs, we use the map so people are aware of the path we will be taking. We feel it especially benefits tourists so they know exactly where they’re going to be running.

20SA: What’s your favorite juice from Revolucion?
MC: At this point, Manny takes a sip of the juice he had by his side. The Lean, which is grapefruit and apple. Our most popular juices are the Cure and the Mean Green. The Cure contains carrots, apples, beets, lemon and ginger and helps to soothe the stomach and build strength. The Mean Green is made with cucumbers, celery, kale, lemon, ginger and apple. Our nut milks (not milk) help with recovery after a run. Currently, we have 80% of our Revolucion products at the Southtown location. The full espresso bar is coming soon!

20SA: Tell us about the grand opening party on Thursday, January 29th?
MC: It’s a community event where people have the opportunity to know who we are, where we are and everything we offer. We want the public to know the San Antonio Running Company is a great place to hang out and chill out.

The San Antonio Running Company, a place to work out, get your nutrition on and chill out. Every Thursday and Saturday, yoga is held at the shop. A few mats are available, but the San Antonio Running Company suggests bringing your own mat. After yoga, there’s a juice tasting (don’t skip out on the juice tasting!). Group runs are held on Sunday and Brunch and Runs take place once a month.

After leaving the San Antonio Running Company, with the Nourish cold pressed juice in hand, our love for Southtown grew even more.