NamaRamen_SanAntonio2Remember the 90s and all the cartoons you watched in the morning, afternoon and late at night? Take a trip down memory lane at Nama Ramen, San Antonio’s newest ramen house decorated with colorful characters and bright red walls with tables to match.

Located at 6565 Babcock Rd. in the Point Shopping Center near Prue Road, Nama Ramen’s menu features authentic ramen, intriguing appetizers and an array of sushi rolls.

NamaRamen_SanAntonio_SushiLet us begin by stating that the ramen is where it’s at. I ordered the Amy Jo Johnson Roll – salmon, hamachi and avocado inside and tuna and chives on the outside – because I was craving raw fish, but suddenly found myself devouring spoonfuls of Jacqueline’s ramen. Jacqueline ordered the tonkotsu ramen and it was magnificent and spicy. The tonkotsu features slicked pork belly, woodear mushroom, ajitama (soft boiled egg), black garlic oil and negi (onion) in a creamy, pork broth. Nama Ramen also offers ramen add ons which include corn, nori, extra broth, extra noodles, shredded pork shoulder and more delicious ingredients.

NamaRamen_SanAntonioAfter my sushi was completed, I ordered a bao, or baozi, a type of steamed, filled, bun. The bao was overflowing with pickled cucumbers, green onions, hoisin sauce, sesame and pork belly. It was sweet and savory due to the hoisin and thick pork belly pieces.

Next time, I’ll be ordering ramen with extra broth, noodles and ajitama. Oh, and there’s no forks at Nama Ramen. Time to brush up on your chopstick skills!