When I was a teenager living my “Teenage SA” life, my friends and I would frequent a local hookah bar, Shisha Cafe. Throughout the years I’ve watched as this relatively small hookah bar has expanded to include a larger outdoor patio, a more extensive food menu and now a fine dining restaurant right next door – Kababchi Grill.

I’ve always enjoyed a side of hummus with my hookah but I never viewed Shisha as a dinner location. The Shisha’s family must have felt the same way because last year they opened Kababchi Grill, a place where customers can enjoy finer dining in a family atmosphere before heading over to Shisha.

Once your comfortably seated, your server will greet you with warm Arabic flatbread. Make sure to order the fresh made hummus or baba ghanouj – roasted eggplant medley with sesame paste, yogurt, and garlic – to pair with your flatbread.

Kababchi’s menu features a range of Middle Eastern food including salads, sandwiches and entrees. The Chicken Shawerma (pictured above) comes with shaved, roasted pieces of house marinated chicken wrapped in flatbread and served with your choice of fries, rice or a Mediterranean salad. Go for the fries – they are amazing here.

Along with a rockin’ food menu, Kababchi’s serves fresh juice and fresh juice smoothies. I tend to wait and order an extra large peach tea once I’ve moved onto the smoking portion of my night.

Kababchi Grill is located at 5500 Babcock Road and open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.