moodnailsalon-0142When the sun sets in October, so should your nails. Dark colors and Halloween inspired nail art is all the rage at Mood Boutique Nail Salon, located at 742 NW Loop 410 next door to World Market. I stopped by for my Jack Skellington and pumpkin look and chatted with May Vanegas, owner of Mood Nail.

moodnailsalon-0143Twenty Something SA:What was your inspiration for Mood Nail?
May Vanegas: At the time, San Antonio lacked our type of nail salon and I partnered with my sister because we both loved beauty. We had a day care for 12 years and we wanted to do something fun. We wanted to provide a safe, healthy and clean place to get your nails done.

20SA: What do you do to make sure Mood Nails is a safe and healthy boutique?
MV: Texas has laws that you have to follow and we follow them to a T. We also created and follow our own rules like putting expiration dates on all of our products, using organic items when we can, having aloe vera in our hand soaps and everything is from the United States.

20SA: How did it feel to win Best Nail Salon by the San Antonio Current?
MV: We were shocked because we had only been open for four months! That was really an honor. It validated that we were on the right track of giving someone a high quality service.

moodnailsalon-014620SA: What’s you go to nail color or style?
MV: Personally, I’m really into nudes and black nails.

20SA: What’s hot this fall season?
MV: The Kylie Jenner purpley-grey color. Once she (Kylie) showcased the color, that same morning I matched the color and almost everyday someone requests that one. Whatever is trending, we want to have it in the salon. During fashion week, we had a lot of nude colors. We also do special requests and every winter, fall, spring and summer, I purchase every collection for the boutique.

20SA: Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
MV: We are very accommodating and please, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you change your mind half way during a color, let us know and we will change it for you. We don’t mind; we love getting that feedback. If there’s a chip, call us back and we’ll take care of it.

One of the most amazing things I noticed while getting my nails done at Mood Nails? No smell.

MV: We do hard gel for nail enhancements instead of acrylic. There’s no smell because we don’t use acrylic.

Halloween Nail Art San AntonioKaitlyn Rex, the immensely talented nail technician, always pays attention to details and created a gorgeous – I mean spooky – Jack Skellington nail with matching black, glitter nails.

Mood Boutique Nail Salon is a private and beautifully furnished area with two seats for manicures and two seats for pedicures. The relaxing interior along with the amazing customer service makes Mood Nail an ideal salon to frequent by yourself or with your girl friends. They are celebrating two years of business this November.

All right – ready for a giveaway?! Mood Nail salon is giving away two gel manis and two lush pedis which include nail care, scrub, calayst removal, foot mask with hot towel (you need this!), hot oil and lotion massage then polish)! Head to our Instagram at twentysomethingsa for more details!