Liberty Bar Interior

One particularly odd Saturday morning, Jacqueline and I found ourselves awake and ready for weekend festivities at 8 a.m. With brunch on our mind, Jacqueline took out her cell phone and casually browsed for a new restaurant to indulge in. Several minutes of searching passed and we came to the realization that brunch on Saturday doesn’t wake up alongside with us, and then we saw the hours for Liberty Bar – opens at 9 a.m. on Saturdays. We were out the door.

Liberty Bar Exterior

Liberty Bar, a restaurant so beautiful we would have gone just to take pictures of the exterior. Located at 1111 S. Alamo St., the bright pink color and gorgeous greenery surrounding the two story restaurant makes it hard to miss as you drive by.

Liberty Bar Mimosa

Perhaps the 9 to 10 a.m. range is too early to start popping open a bottle of champagne, but Jacqueline and I were celebrating! We had just finished our first KENS 5 segment and needed a proper toast. With mimosas for $3.50, it was easy to say yes to bubbles.

Liberty Bar Brunch

Liberty Bar’s brunch menu features many Mexican favorites as well as some classic American dishes. Chilaquiles norteños, sandwich de dos (fried) huevos, huevos rancheros?! So many amazing dishes compiled into one menu. Jacqueline didn’t take long making a decision and ordered the traditional huevos rancheros while I ordered something just as traditional, but slightly less complex.

Liberty Bar Brunch

Perfectly named the “Simple Breakfast”, I started my Saturday morning off with an over-medium egg, two slices of thick, wheat toast with homemade apricot jam and a large side of grilled ham. My meal and mimosa came out to a mere $10.

Next time you find yourself up early, or in the mood to eat amazing food at a very reasonable price, consider Liberty Bar. If the colorful exterior and all wooden interior don’t convince you, the food and drinks surely will.

Have you been to Liberty Bar?