Collaborative Spaces San AntonioSan Antonio continues to expand. With that expansion comes fresh faces, new ideas, and bright communities. Young entrepreneurs, creators and inventors are looking to blossom their dreams into realities. Collaborative spaces are popping up over town and there are many to suite the particular needs you seek to grow your company. Below you will find three collaborative places based in San Antonio that are housing young startups and available for memberships.

Collaborative Spaces San AntonioGeekdom is a collaborative space located in the heart of downtown at 110 E. Houston St. helping young businesses grow in San Antonio and throughout Texas. The space offers plenty of room to find a spot to work with a beautiful view of downtown. Geekdom isn’t just for techies, it’s a space for creators and inventors who are passionate about their idea and seek guidance to aid in their goals. A Community membership starts a $50 a month and includes 24/7 access to the community space, personal phone/Skype booths, conference rooms, kitchenette, and an opportunity to host your own event in their allocated event space. 

Collaborative Spaces San AntonioThe Workery at 221 W. Poplar is a corner property in a beautiful neighborhood downtown consisting of three houses, a clubhouse, and a courtyard. Walking around the property, I already felt welcomed and part of a small community. The Workery offers a beautiful courtyard on the back of the property that you can use to plan and host events of your own along with a clubhouse available for conference meetings. The collaborative space is downstairs, with couches and small desks you can work at while the offices are located in the individual bedrooms upstairs. The Workery is hosting an Open House this afternoon, Tuesday May 24th, from 5-7 pm if you’re interested in checking out the collaborative space for yourself and your upcoming business!

Collaborative Spaces San Antonio

Photo Courtesy of CO LAB’s Facebook

For the architects, video editors, graphic designers, sculptors, photographers and more there is Co Lab. A warehouse studio collaboration spot at 723 N. Alamo big enough to host and mold your idea and various projects. Membership at Co Lab offers 24/7 access to the warehouse and upgrades to rent certain equipment and Co Lab hosts events often to spread the word about their tenants and upcoming businesses so make sure to check their Facebook for any you may be interested in.

Collaborative Spaces San AntonioKeep an eye out for these spots and the brilliant ideas and companies that come out of them. Remember these aren’t just places to rent desks and to work. They are creative spaces where you can ask questions and surround yourself with other enthusiastic minds that may have skills that you are in need of. It’s a space where you can feel comfortable to ask questions and seek guidance to help your idea blossom. If you have a business idea and are wanting to become an entrepreneur, one of these three spots may be the best place to start for you!