Sichuan FoodAcross the street from Ingram Mall, our middle school go-to mall, rests a Chinese cuisine haven – Sichuan House. You won’t find fancy decor or bright lights here, just amazing food that will keep your stomach dreaming for days, perhaps weeks, to come. Jacqueline and I stopped by for lunch and ordered three dishes, two of which were appetizers, and ended up with dinner for both of us. What’s better than Chinese food for lunch and dinner?

Sichuan dumplingsSichuan House serves all items family style. We’re no stranger to passing around plates and were excited to try out a few different menu items. The menu features spice levels and detailed descriptions of all menu items. After reading through a few times, we decided to order the hot and spicy wontons, cold noodles and kung pao.

The chao shou (wontons) comes with a whooping 10 hand-folded wontons filled with ground pork in a light broth. Since spiciness runs through our blood, we opted for the hot and spicy wontons which came with house-made chili sauce. After devouring a couple wontons, I took the broth and poured it over my rice to ensure that the broth would not go to waste!

Sichuan NoodlesNext up, the liang mian (Sichuan spicy and garlicky cold noodles). Fresh egg noodles served over bean sports are soaked in a sweet and tangy sauce and topped with garlic, house-made chili oil, dried red chilies, ground Sichuan peppercorn and scallions. Since the noodles were under starters, I was expecting a small dish. Nope! The liang mian came in an oversized bowl and could’ve easily been a meal for one. With a spice level of 1.5 and a price tag of $7, the cold noodles should definitely be on your list of entrees to indulge in.

Sichuan House ChickenFor our main entree, Jacqueline and I split the gong bao, also known as kung pao chicken. The peanuts and sliced ginger made for a tasty combination. All entrees come with a large serving of steamed rice which could easily feed four people.

Sichuan House is located at 3505 Wurzbach Rd. Check out the menu in it’s entirety on Sichuan’s Facebook page and don’t forget to check out the daily specials which may include pig ears or pork belly!