When I was younger I wore two James Avery charm bracelets. One silver bracelet which displayed a handful of my favorite charms while the second one contained all of the charms. I had an extensive list of hobbies growing up, and to this day to be honest!

Throughout my adolescent years I received James Avery rings from my parents during two very important times in my life. When receiving each ring I remember a familiar and comforting love that still resides in the silver. To this day I still adore both rings and cherish them for they symbolize of love, happiness and togetherness.

myjamesaveryWhen we were contacted to partner with James Avery, I immediately texted Jacqueline. It felt surreal to be partnering with a company we grew up with up! James Avery’s newest Christmas collection features classic designs along with new, colorful pieces, and jewelry featuring their newest cultured pearl jewelry. Both of my favorite James Avery rings are silver which is why I wasn’t surprised when my eye was immediately drawn to the new ‘Serene’ ring. The ring can be worn day or night and I love that it compliments each outfit so effortlessly yet radiates sophistication with it’s sleek lines.

myjamesavery-002Jacqueline fell in love with one of the cultured pearl pieces and kicked off the holidays with the Twisted Wire Link Bracelet with Multi-Colored Cultured Pearls. The softly colored cultured pearls look so elegant on her wrist! Of course we decided to do our James Avery photo shoot at a couple of our favorite coffee shops.

Whether I’m 6 or 26, I will always possess a deep love for the artisan jewelry that helped mark monumental moments in my life.

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