Finding a workout regimen that you really like can be difficult, especially when you have to fit it into a hectic schedule. However, one of the reasons I love 9Round is that there are no class times!

The 30 minute, full-body HIIT workout starts every 3 minutes, meaning that you can stop by anytime without the worry of traffic making you miss your class or waking up late.9 Round stations The name gives reference to the nine stations, at which each participant spends a portion of the 30 minute workout. The first two stations are dedicated to agility & strength training, the next six use various types of equipment and heavy bags. The 9th and final round is always devoted to core work. This style kept me interested and focused the whole time I was there. It also allows you to target all muscle groups.9Round StudioAnother great aspect are the trainers, who encourage, motivate and instruct throughout the workout. Plus, the first class is always free and student discounts are available!

9Round trainer To try 9Round for yourself, you can visit any of the six San Antonio location. Hours vary upon location, but can easily be found here. While on the page, make sure to schedule your first free workout!