EnergyX Fitness Rowers When I arrived at EnergyX Fitness, located at 5162 Broadway, I was extremely excited to try my first class! However, I knew that just because I enjoy working out doesn’t mean that everyone does. With that in mind, I was looking to see if it was a workout that could even appeal to those who dread the gym or can’t fathom why someone would run. In short, my verdict is that no matter your age or fitness level, EnergyX Fitness is a must try!


Courtesy of EnergyX

I have heard before that rowing is a great workout but when I’ve seen the machines at the gym I wasn’t sure that I was doing the moves properly. Well that’s why EnergyX is great! At your first class, the instructor will come over to make sure you are set up and go over the proper form. However, if you don’t think this will be enough, they have a rowing clinic exclusively for people who are a little more hesitant and the best part is that it’s free!

The first class I tried was called IndoRow, which incorporated the water rower with other exercises like push ups and lunges. Since you are doing these for moves for a set amount of time, the reps were low, making it very doable. I hope I’m not alone in this, but sometimes when I’m working out I feel like it has been an hour but when I look down at the timer I realize it has been all of five minutes. This was not the case at EnergyX! The time flew by and I even wanted more because I loved how high energy it was with team competitions and individual goals.

EnergyX Studio The next day I went back for TRX and Flex, which used TRX bands and kettle bells for a full body workout. The great thing about the EnergyX Fitness studio is that they have a variety of classes, some of which don’t use the rower and others that include yoga. This ensures that you won’t get bored if you purchase a membership.

If you want to change up your workout routine, I would hands down recommend EnergyX Fitness. The machine allows you to adjust your resistance and speed, the moves are easy on the joints, and the workout is fast paced and surprisingly fun!