ZorbasTucked away in the corner off of NW Military in the Castle Hills area is an incredible Greek Mediterranean Grill serving up shawarma, kebabs, gyros and pitas alike. Zorbas is a must visit mom and pop joint for legitimate Greek cuisine and one of the best gyros San Antonio has to offer.

ZorbasMy friends and I frequently stop at Zorbas whenever we are craving some original Greek food. Two of my friends, having being born in Greece and hailing from a Greek family, give Zorbas their official seal of approval. We first started out with some savory Hummus and Spanikopita – a flakey Greek pastry filled with a blend of spinach and topped with crumbling feta cheese. Some other appetizers they offer: baba ganouj, falafel, grape leaves, and fried kibbeh. All sides that we can’t wait to try on our next visit. 

ZorbasTheir Beef and Lamb Gyro includes: lettuce, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, all wrapped in fluffy warm gyro bread served with a side of crisp and fluffy seasoned fries. This is enough to make the Gods on Mount Olympus jealous. Pro-tip: add some fries to the party inside the gyro wrap for a bona fide Greek experience. Zorbas also offers a variety of different pitas and kebabs, tilapia, along with vegetarian plates. 

In addition to the mouthwatering food Zorbas creates, the waiting staff are incredibly humble and friendly. Altogether this creates a truly comforting and authentic environment, which is why Zorbas is one of the top mom and pop restaurants in San Antonio. Make sure to support and try local restaurants like Zorbas! Also, if you looking for Greek on the go, GrubHub delivers!

What’s your favorite mom and pop restaurant around town you frequent?