Face off Contestants Evan and KevonAs season nine of Face Off continues to inspire make up artists all over, Kevon Ward and Evan Hedges came back to their roots this week. As well as being in the spotlight on the Syfy series, Kevon and Evan work for the 13th Floor Haunted House as special effects and make up artists. We had the eye opening experience to sit down with Kevon and Evan in the 13th Floor San Antonio make up room and talk about the show, the make up, and scary movies. Oh, and watch as they transformed a beautiful girl into a creature from the dead.

Face Off at 13th FloorTwenty Something SA: What was it like being on Face Off and having cameras surround you?
Kevon Ward: I didn’t really mind the cameras that much and I forgot they were there most of the time, until they got up in my face. That happened a few times, especially when they want a close up of something or when something was going wrong. Otherwise, I don’t mind being filmed honestly. The best part was getting to use so many different supplies.

20SA: What was the procedure to get on Face Off?
Evan Hedges: It’s hard in the sense of how much waiting you have to do. Basically, you make a demo and do make up on yourself or create a mask and if they like it, they make you do an apply the make up. Next, you go to LA and have to apply it in front of them, and if they like that, you’re on the show.

20SA: And Evan, you’re still on Face Off, correct? How is it going?
EH: I just recently made it to the finale so I’m in the final three. Kind of freaking out.

20SA: Who’s your favorite judge?
EH: I think Neville Page. I’ve always admired his work, he’s a really amazing designer and he’s really nice. I feel his criticism is the most important to me.

20SA: Do you get to hang out with the judges off camera?
EH: No, not at all. Basically what we get on the show is what we get.

20SA: Kevon, did you have a favorite judge?
KW: I’m not sure, Glenn might be my favorite now. I learned a lot of valuable information and I’m a better painter and sculptor.

20SA: How did you both get started at the 13th Floor?
KW: I worked for a couple haunted houses before I worked at the 13th Floor. The 13th Floor used to be a competitor for the one I worked for. The 13th Floor has really grown on me.
EH: Craigslist. Before that I was making rock climbing walls in Colorado and I just wanted to do something I went to school for and there just happened to be a listing for mask maker and I took it up.

20SA: What are your strengths as a make up artist?
KW: Sculpting is my favorite thing to do. And conceptualizing. I like coming up with stuff that’s really weird. I made a creature that’s a zombie head sewed to the top of a zombie arm. His name is Fondlechomp for a movie called Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans. It’s definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.

20SA: What’s your favorite scary movie?
KW: I like the Shining a lot, I like the Exorcist a lot, Exorcism of Emily Rose…I like exorcist movies and creepy, supernatural movies. I just like the style. I’m such a skeptic though, I don’t believe in all that.
EH: Psychological, I’d have to say Alien, and then actual scary would have to be Exorcist. I love the Exorcist.

Evan Hedges' death makeup

Evan Hedges’ death makeup

20SA: What’s your favorite character you’ve created?
EH: I’d have to say my death character on Face Off. I think that’s my favorite make up of all time.

20SA: Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
KW: People look out, I’m in the process of working on more films. I want to start a YouTube series called Bored as Hell, it’s about Satan retiring and living on Earth. It’s comedic, it’s ridiculous.
EH: If there is anybody out there who is interested in the special effects, make up field, this is definitely prime time for it. YouTube is full of stuff, there’s also blogs and websites; the internet is your best friend.

Zombie at 13th FloorAfter the interview, Evan and Kevon transformed one of the actresses at the 13th Floor into a zombie. To learn more about Evan Hedges and Kevin Ward, visit Face Off, and don’t forget to watch the show!