To fully understand the euphoric experience at Mobile Om‘s Summer Soul-stice Retreat in Marfa, I must paint you a picture of our temporary desert home:

Green grass covered with colorful blankets that never left even during the moonlit hours, yogi’s lounging peacefully on hammocks, couches and nearby community tables, and a constant cool breeze blowing through the towering trees above.


When I first entered Corte del Norte, our lodging for the four night yoga retreat, I instantly felt a sense of bliss. The desert vibes were on point and the space was curated with relaxation in mind.


Inside shot of the Rock City House porch

Our lodging consisted of two houses – the Love House and the Rock City House. A large grassy area stretched out in front of Rock City and this was home to our blankets and yoga mats. Parallel to the green space was a patio complete with a community table – although most meals we preferred dining picnic style on the blankets – a large lounging couch with numerous pillows to cuddle against and a purple hammock which I found a sanctuary in. Across from the two houses was another building which featured a built in bar, gorgeous wooden table and a large, dark red fire place.


Balmorhea Springs

Our days were spent in intimate yoga flows, exploring Marfa and the neighboring towns, and enjoying food specially curated for the retreat.

Our first full day was spent at Balmorhea Springs, a natural spring pool about 45 minutes away from Corte del Norte. I enjoyed dipping my toes in and watching the fish swim about. Other activities included a Marfa tour via bike, Big Bend Brewing Company tour and tasting, a McDonald Observatory Star Party, a picnic in the Davis Mountains, and a trip to Prada Marfa.


Storm in Davis Mountains State Park

mobile-om-marfa-yogaHands-down my favorite activity the ‘Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend’ workshop. Cassandra, founder of Mobile Om, walked us through creating an essential oil blend that best suited our personalities. I chose a lavender mix for relaxing and a combination of lemon and peppermint for an energizing blend.

mobile-om-yoga-retreat-marfaWhile the yoga, essential oils and day trips were amazing, the true yoga retreat experience was interacting with a group of women with the same mind set as mine – to truly love and embrace life, yourself and others. Throughout the four nights I made connections with women that I know will never leave my soul. Yes there was crying, but far more hugging and laughing than tears.

mobile-om-yoga-retreat-marfa-3When the Sunday morning sun hit, I wasn’t ready to go. My mind and body had reached a point of acceptance and relaxation that I didn’t know was possible. The daily stresses and expectations of “normal” life were paused and all I had was the present moment. I knew the yoga retreat had to come to an end but I will continue to practice the mindfulness that was so easy to emulate at the retreat.

mobile-om-yoga-retreat-marfa-2Mobile Om’s next yoga retreat will take place in Play Negra, Costa Rica this December. For more information on Costa Rica and other future yoga retreats, click here.

Namaste, my friends.