RCD_Rockin punch_1215Tonight we hope you ring in the new year with the people closet to you. If you’re hosting a party, do you have the music covered? Your outfit? What about the drinks? If you’re planning on handing out some beer, we have something else that will make your night even better – Rebecca Creek Distillery’s Enchanted Rockin’ New Year’s Punch Bowl!

RebeccaCreek-7263-940x705Rebecca Creek Distillery’s Enchanted Rockin’ New Year’s Punch Bowl

· 3 cups Enchanted Rock Vodka
· skin from 4 peeled lemons
· 1/3 cup of superfine sugar
· 2 cups of raspberries
· 2 cups of lemon juice
· 1.5 cups dark rum
· 6 cups of ice cubes
· 2 cups brut champagne
· sliced lemons

1. Muddle lemon peels and sugar.
2. Add raspberries and mash.
3. Stir in vodka, rum, and lemon juice and chill with ice cubes.
4. Pour in chilled champagne and stir.
5. Garnish with lemons and remaining raspberries.

Once the punch is ready to go, throw on Rebecca Creek Radio and jam out to it while sipping on pure deliciousness.

Happy 2016 San Antonio and please drink responsibly.