Savoureux PatisserieSavoureux Patisserie, located at 602 NW Loop 410 across from Alamo Drafthouse Park North, opened January 2016 as one of the first Vietnamese bakeries in San Antonio. As a bakery and tea room, Savoureux Patisserie offers numerous types of coffee, delicious pastries (all made in house!), boba tea and more.

Savoureux Patisserie CoffeeHave you ever had Vietnamese coffee? If you love strong coffee with a kick, come try it hot or cold at Savoureux Patisserie! The dark roast coffee is individually brewed to perfection and even a sugar lover like myself can skip out on the tablespoon I usually pour into my coffee cup. Now, onto the French inspired pastries.

Savoureux Patisserie San AntonioIt’s a tough choice when you walk into Savoureux Patisserie because of you’re greeted with tons of beautifully designed pastries and your tastebuds call out to all of them. This beauty is the Opera cake, layers of almond sponge cake that has been soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze. This delicate but intense pastry is as delicious as it sounds.

Savoureux Not ready to devour a layered cake of chocolate goodness? Order a couple macaroons to calm your sweet tooth.

Next time your in the Park North area, stop by Savoureux Patisserie and try something new!