HEB South FloresWe never thought we’d be writing about HEB, but San Antonio has officially opened its first grocery store in the urban core, located at 516 South Flores. During this decade of downtown, the city exceeded our expectations by giving downtown residents a dedicated grocery store and gas station. The South Flores HEB of opened on Wednesday, December 2nd and the excitement caused us to park two blocks away at the first available parking lot.

HEB South FloresI used to have a fear of coming downtown, especially when I was younger. A fear of running out of gas and finding myself completely stranded in a less than desirable street corner. Not only does central downtown have produce, baked good, dairy, meat and ready to eat meals, but it also has a gas station. No more fears and no more aimless driving the streets of downtown searching for a gas pump. The self-service gas station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

HEB South FloresHEB South FloresHEB fully stocks its ready to eat meals and provides customers with a powerful microwave near the exit to warm your food before you lounge on the patio or head back to work. Along with providing much needed services to the downtown area, the South Flores HEB is estimated to provide San Antonio with 800 additional jobs by 2020.

HEB South FloresThe urban HEB is 12,000-square-foot and located at the corner of César Chávez and South Flores Street. Are you as excited as we are for an urban HEB?