Holiday events, dinner parties, girls night out – with all the events coming up this month, we knew we had to ace our beauty game and we’re doing just that with Chalet Cosmetics, a line of all-natural, locally hand crafted beauty products that guarantee to pair good-for-you ingredients with glamorous looks.

holiday-red-lip-look-2Start With Statement Lips
The holidays are in full swing, which means it’s time to glam up your color game. The burgundy lip trend is going strong through the holidays, which makes this season an awesome chance to own a bold lip. The Chalet Beauty Holiday Color Collection presents three totally wearable lipsticks makeup.

You may have seen dark lips on the runways this fall and thought I could never pull that off. News flash: you can, and it’s not just for evening anymore. The Vamp Pout Pigment presents the perfect burgundy shade that is surprisingly easy to wear. What’s great about this color is you can wear no-makeup makeup with just a touch of mascara and throw on this lipstick during the day or match it with a smoky eye for the evening. I have yet to meet someone this color doesn’t look good on, it seriously makes a person’s glam factor skyrocket.

Re-evaluate Your Moisturizers
With winter comes dry skin, which means it may be time ramp up the moisture factor. Hyaluronic Acid is the #1 ingredient that absorbs moisture, so using a serum like Quench Me will help your complexion retain water and better soak up the nourishment from the rest of your products. An eye cream, daytime moisturizer, and night cream are also key elements to maintaining softer, smoother skin through the darker days.

nude-lip-look-1Switch Up Your Shades
A new season calls for new shadows and the holidays are the best time to play with shimmer. Bronzy neutrals with high-shine luminosity are on-trend an simple to wear. It’s easy to play with glitter in when they come in natural, earthy shades. Try a neutral highlighter paired with shimmery browns for a surprisingly sultry look.

Find the Right Foundation Formula
Summer may have had you hooked on a light formula like a tinted cc cream, but the change in season’s might have your skin looking for something more. A good primer and full-coverage hydrating powder are essential to a balanced winter complexion.

Go for the Glam
This holiday season makes getting that golden glow easy with neutral peach blush and bronzer shades. Shimmer and shine with luminous yet monochromatic shades.

Chalet offers complimentary beauty consultations and mini makeovers. Swing by when your ready to amp up your beauty routine!