I could eat meat and cheese every day for the rest of my life. In my most exciting article yet, I ventured out to find the top five charcuterie and fromage boards in the city. My choices are based on not only quality and diversity, but presentation as well.

paramour-charcuterie-boardOne of the newest restaurants to step into the charcuterie scene is Paramour, SA’s hottest rooftop bar. The personal charcuterie board goes for $8 and features soppressata, chorizo, gruyere, crackers and condiments.

hyatthillcountry-7831With only house made or Texas sourced ingredients, the charcuterie plate at Hyatt Hill Country’s Antlers Lodge easily made top five. The large platter above features bison pastrami, sausage, local honey comb, candied pecans, a medley of berries and fruit, mozzarella (with a blue cheese aging process), cheddar and a spicy red pepper jelly. We enjoyed the plate for an hour until every last pecan and berry were gone.

Esquire-Downstairs-charcuterieIf you’re looking to step out of your charcuterie comfort zone, this is the spot for you. Downstairs at the Esquire Tavern recently opened on September 20, 2016 underneath the popular Esquire Tavern. This new basement bar provides locals with an A+ charcuterie board presentation. Make sure to order the chef’s selection, a glorious platter of cured and dried meat, terrines, pâtés, cheese and savory condiments.

boiler-house-charcuterie-fromageI came across my fourth charcuterie board by surprise during brunch a couple of weeks ago. Instead of opting for French toast or pancakes (my go to dishes for brunch), the charcuterie and cheese plate at Boiler House caught my eye and caused excitement to flood through my veins. It was early on a Sunday! I was not expecting to dive into my favorite dish of all time. Boiler House features artisan cheeses and house-crafted meats with red onion marmalade, whole grain mustard and honeycomb.

Nectar-wine-bar-charcuterie-fromageThe joie de vivre at Nectar Wine Bar may be one of the most beautiful dishes I have ever ordered. With your choice of two, three or up to four meats and cheeses, this is all you need to pair with your favorite glass of wine. If you can’t seem to pick from the extensive list, ask your server for a suggestion! After a few quick questions, they’ll know exactly what your taste buds are craving! I adore the miniature spoons that carry the condiments. If you walk away from Nectar without taking a photo, let me know because I have yet to accomplish that task!

What is your favorite charcuterie and cheese board? Let us know in the comments! We’re always hungry for more.