Pan Dulce Burger

The burger only has two requirements – a patty and a bun. With this base there are endless ways to customize, assemble and design a burger. We compiled a list of the best burgers you can order in San Antonio. Below you won’t find your average cheeseburger, we wanted to find the most unique gourmet burgers in town. Enjoy.

Grassfed Burger Alchemy

To kick off our list we start with The Grass-fed Burger at Alchemy. This burger features a wagyu (Japanese cow) and angus beef grind patty with melted cambozola cheese under a soft bed of baby arugula accompanied by tomato and bacon jam in between a toasted bun. Do not underestimate the jam, paired with the cambozola cheese it offers a tangy, savory symphony with every bite.  

The Cove

Next is one of the most unique establishments in San Antonio. A laundromat, car wash, and restaurant combo – it’s the Cove and their Texas Burger. The Cove’s passion is using SOL (Sustainable, Organic & Local) ingredients and it shows in the Texas Burger.  Rightly named, it features grass-fed beef topped with refried beans, corn chips, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, avocado, spring mix, and salsa. A burger nacho. The Bracho if you will.

Bison Burger Esquire Tavern

Esquire Tavern‘s Bison Burger is an elegantly structured burgerpeice. An organic bison patty featuring a special sauce and white cheddar. Architecture is key to burger building. Esquire places a crisp lettuce leaf on the bottom of their burger to provide an excellent crunch to the end of each bite while the pickled red onions add a tasty relish. This burger is one to write home about. If heat and spice is your game, Esquire also offers the flavorful Jalapeño Bean Burger.

David Lee Roth Krispy Kreme Burger Boiler House

This next burger you can only order during brunch at Boiler House, and what better way to eat brunch than with the perfect combination of both breakfast and lunch? Boiler House presents the “David Lee Roth” Krispy Kreme Burger. A custom blend patty cooked to your liking in between a donut bun featuring smoked bacon, warm maple syrup, fried egg, lemon chive aioli AND gooey american cheese?! Boiler House just won best brunch burger. I got to sit down with Executive Chef Jeff White and ask what the inspiration was behind the burger. He showed me the intro to the music video for Yankee Rose where David Lee Roth approaches a cashier in a colorful headdress and warpaint and asks for “a bottle of anything…and a glazed donut…to go!” Chef White explains “It’s just ridiculous and fun…brunch is about having fun.” This burger definitely lives up to that standard. Brunch at Boiler House is served Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM – 3 PM.  

Pan Dulce Burger

Speaking of crazy and fun. The Pan Dulce Burger. You think I’m joking? Con Safos, the current pop up restaurant at Faust Tavern, is serving up the Pan Dulce Burger and it’s as amazing as it sounds. A burger patty snugged in between a pan dulce bun with melted brie its blanket and bacon its pillow. The warm strawberry jam makes this burger, giving it the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Keep an eye out for this pop up, because they plan to move to a permanent location at Hemisfair Park later this year!

Now we know there are other incredible, delicious burgers out there! We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite burger and where is it from?