Tiff's Treats CookiesOne day Tiffany Taylor had a date planned with Leon Chen and she stood him up. Tiffany’s mother told her she had to do something nice for him and so she baked warm cookies and delivered them to Leon and he convinced her to start her own business. Yeah, the cookies were that good! Fast forward to 2016 and Tiff’s Treats has over 20 locations and 300 employees. Oh, and Tiff and Leon are married!

Tiff's Treats CookiesSan Antonio is home to three Tiff’s Treats shops located in downtown SA, the Northwest side in Huebner Oaks, and Park North. After hearing the delightful story about how Tiff’s Treats came to be, I was pumped to try cookies that literally created true love and a successful business venture.

Tiff's Treats Ice CreamRemember when your grandparents would bake warm cookies and put them onto the stove to cool down and the aroma would overflow into every room in the house? This feeling and taste has been captured by Tiff’s Treats! The warm cookies make every bite addictive. As the first warm cookie deliver company, Tiff’s doesn’t mess around. Each store has a delivery zone that they cannot cross to ensure all cookies are delivered warm. See whether you’re in the delivery zone here.

Tiff's TreatsWe indulged in the Tiffblitz package which came in an adorable bag with one dozen cookies and two Tiffblitz frozen desserts – cold vanilla ice cream blended with chunks of chocolate chip cookies, fudgy brownie bites and topped with crumbled sugar cookies. Oh and milk, of course! Tiff’s Treats also offers Tiffwich Ice Cream Sandwich with your choice of cookies and cookie packages which includes an all-nighter package that comes with two dozen cookies and two Starbucks Frappuccinos! Late nights will never be the same.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for family, friends and co-workers, deliver happiness through warm cookies!