GorosSushi8One of my favorite places to fully indulge in all that is sushi is at Goro’s Sushi, located at 2619 Mossrock. When I first tried sushi I was in middle school. My friend bought a small case of “sushi” at HEB and after a couple spicy tuna rolls, I was hooked. I spent most of my years eating at sushi restaurants that I thought were amazing, and then one day I ventured into Goro’s after a long night and my sushi life was forever altered.

sushi-768-5The rolls at Goro’s are no joke. They come piled high with shrimp, crab, salmon, anything you could possibly want, even seared tuna. For my first four to six visits I ordered the Three Amigos Roll – shrimp tempura, cream cheese and avocado wrapped with salmon and eel topped with spicy crab and seared tuna with green onion. What?! I didn’t even know sushi rolls like this existed in the real world! This was a roll I had only dreamt about. Once you experience no joke sushi rolls, you can’t go back to HEB or a subpar sushi bar. I’ve been a loyal Goro’s customer for over five years now and I’ve tried numerous rolls on Goro’s extensive sushi menu and my favorite is the UT Roll.

sushi-768-2sushi-768-3The UT Roll, that beauty sitting above these characters, is an inside-out roll with tuna, salmon, cream cheese and avocado wrapped with shrimp and topped with shredded crab and shrimp mixed in a special sauce. I’ll give you a moment to reread the ingredients.

sushi-768sushi-768-4From 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday), Goro’s has a great happy hour if you’re looking to get a quick sushi fix. The UT Roll and Three Amigos Roll still reign supreme at a relatively high price ($11.95 and $14.95), but California rolls, tuna rolls, spicy tuna rolls and others are $1.25 for three pieces. Nigiri sushi is also $1.25 or $1.75, depending on the fish.

If you have yet to enter the doors of Goro’s, I highly suggest you make your way over to this amazing sushi restaurant. If you have been, what’s your favorite roll?