The Cove interiorThe Cove, one of the ultimate destinations for good food, live music and a chill atmosphere. Numerous picnic tables sit outside parallel to the outdoor bar and inside you’ll find more tables alongside another bar and a stage. The Cove’s passion is SOL –
Sustainable, Organic, Local.

The Cove ExteriorThe Cove prides itself on using Texas ingredients. A chalkboard is hung up at the entrance stating where all the local ingredients were grown. My sweet potatoes which made the best sweet potato fries I have ever tasted came from Grand Saline, TX. The trend of restaurants, such as the Cove and Whiskey Cake, sharing this information with its customers is one I hope continues for it’s empowering not only for San Antonio, but all of Texas.

Time for the food, which I am desperately craving as I write this post.

The CoveThe CoveBurgers are first up on the menu. The Texas burger melts me to my very core. I am not a burger fan, but after sneaking in a few bites, I might as well be. The Texas burger is grass-fed beef topped with refried beans, corn chips, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, avocado, spring mix and salsa. A burger nacho. The ultimate burger nacho.

The Covethecove-4551I ordered the fish tacos before I was aware of how out of this world the Texas burger was, but I was not disappointed by the Cove’s fish tacos. The Lisa Special came with two fish tacos and a side spinach salad. However, at the Cove, fish tacos are not enough. Another item on the menu caught my eye. I ordered the sweet potato fries paired with sriracha mayo and asked for extra sriracha mayo so I could dip my fish tacos into it. San Antonio, it was amazing.

Burgers, fish tacos, crispy fries, delectable dipping sauces and a calming, outdoor atmosphere. The Cove has everything for a date night, group date, family lunch or a picnic table for one.