The Sporting DistrictThe Sporting District specializes in showcasing Southern makers and craftsmen when it comes to footwear, neckwear, attire and everything in between. The clothing and lifestyle store, located at Pearl Brewery, has a wide selection of anything a man needs to create his own style. The atmosphere itself is incredibly laid back and relaxed. The aroma has a mixture of a barbershop, lumber and bourbon. I was in gentleman retail heaven.

The Sporting DistrictOne piece that caught my eye was the Brackish feather bow ties. Incredible handcrafted bowties that first started as a personally made gift from a South Carolina groom to his groomsmen. The bowties were such a huge hit at the wedding that it blossomed into a business. Ben Ross, creator of Brackish, wanted to “reflect the natural beauty of the South, but elevate it with impeccable intricacy.” Every bowtie is a one-of-a-kind work of art and no two are alike!The Sporting District

Among stylish bowties and wardrobe, the store also offers a wide variety of lifestyle items including: razors, beard oils, candles, books, sunglasses, watches, luggage, satchels and more. The Sporting District often holds events to celebrate new craftsmen and their items being introduced to the store. The Sporting District is a perfect place to grab a gift for a boyfriend or even Dad for Fathers Day! Make sure to stop by and if you’re lucky you can take a complimentary shot of Bulleit Bourbon.The Sporting District