When the Southern Bunny opened it’s first location on Broadway, we instantly fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of the boutique. Now, just a mere seven months since the first boutique opened, Jennifer Herrera, owner of the Southern Bunny, has opened a second location in Stone Oak.

The Twenty Something team is thrilled to announce that the Stone Oak shop has translated the beauty of the Broadway boutique into a larger space. While walking around the Southern Bunny, I didn’t feel any sense of urgency, instead I felt quite the opposite. Although the clothes are anything but casual, I felt very casual and calm wandering the racks and trying on clothing, looking for the perfect fit.

Jennifer assisted me as I tried on outfit after outfit. Surprisingly, the dresses I strayed away from naturally are the dresses that Jennifer encouraged me to try! And guess what, they took me and my body by surprise. That’s what I love about the Southern Bunny – every shopping trip is personalized to you and without feeling forced, you find yourself trying trends you’d never attempted before.

“I’m here every day of the week because I want to know my customers; I want to know their style,” Jennifer told me while I checked out. A trendy boutique with authentic passion behind it? No wonder two locations have opened in just one year.

Shop the Southern Bunny at 4704 Broadway St. or 18720 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 113.