Hear us out. We know that every year, we all make New Year’s resolutions that are impossible to stick with. We promise ourselves that we’ll get in shape, travel more, and finally do that thing we’ve been putting off year after year. By March, we’ve traded fruit for cookies again, and boarding passes for items that provide instant gratification. To that we say, no more. It’s time for a resolution so meaningful and so attainable, you can’t fail.

Now, we all know what it feels like to make a mistake that we think will totally alter the course of our life. We’ve probably all experienced the wave of dread that comes over us when we realize we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to walk away from these situations with little more damage than some healthy embarrassment. For some though, it really does negatively impact their life, making it next to impossible to get into their dream school, or get the job they’ve been working towards almost their whole life. Yup, we’re talking about those mistakes that put a permanent smudge on your criminal record. Sound familiar to you? Or better yet, do you know someone who may be able to relate? Then we have some good news for you.

Easy Expunctions is a local tech startup made up of genius millennial lawyers and software developers who recognized that so many good, talented people never reach their full potential because of said record smudges. The high cost of lawyers who can expunge their clients’ criminal records keep many from ever being able to afford a clean slate. Enter Easy Expunctions. Utilizing technology, they streamlined the process of cleaning records, making it easier, more affordable, and more accessible than ever before. Before even settling on one of their record-sweeping packages, they’ll provide you with your public data report, criminal background check, and eligibility report, detailing which pesky charges qualify for an expunction (meaning the charge is completely removed from your record) or a nondisclosure (meaning the government is banned from releasing information about your charge, or even telling people that it ever existed).

If that’s not enough to convince you, their founder and CEO, Yousef Kassim, is a certified lawyer himself – so rest assured, these guys know how to help you.

This New Year, why not resolve to give yourself a fresh start, or help someone you know get theirs? Tell yourself that you won’t let your past hold you back a second longer, then let Easy Expunctions do the rest. We even have one more bit of good news for you – if you use the promo code “OPPORTUNITY” now through January 31st, you’ll receive $100 off the expunction or nondisclosure of each charge. Add that to what you’ll already be saving by using Easy Expunctions instead of a traditional lawyer, and you’ll be saving thousands before you know it.

See? We told you you’d want to (and truly be able to) stick to this one.

This post is sponsored by Easy Expunctions.