thepeanutfactory-6825The Peanut Factory Lofts, located at 939 S. Frio, is bringing life to a previously neglected area of downtown San Antonio. Originally a Peanut Factory built in 1912, the apartment complex will feature the unique floor plan of the forgotten factory, including the four, sixty-foot tall silos. Yes, you can live in the silos and the view at the top – the penthouse – is unbelievable.

thepeanutfactory-6880thepeanutfactory-6849thepeanutfactory-6869thepeanutfactory-6820This weekend we were fortunate enough to take a tour of the gorgeous Peanut Factory Lofts. Walking through the gate, our eyes were pulled in all different directions. The glimmering pool, the tall silos and the beautifully painted buildings. There will be a total of 102 residential units on the 130,000 square foot site. Floor plans include flats, lofts, studios and the silo floor plans that we’ve been dreaming of since we saw the renderings.

thepeanutfactory-6857thepeanutfactory-6856Many of flats, lofts and studios are currently available for leasing, however, the silos estimated date of completion is June. The penthouse, located at the top of the silos, will be going for a little under $5,000/mo. We’re digging deep into our pockets, but sadly, we don’t think we’ll be able to afford it. Perhaps we’ll just have to befriend the owners so we can wake up to the stunning view of downtown San Antonio, coffee and croissant in hand.

thepeanutfactory-6861thepeanutfactory-6864thepeanutfactory-6874The silos that we viewed still had graffiti on the walls from the days they were abandoned. It was quite beautiful actually, the way the graffiti intertwined with the brick walls, and the sunlight seemed to hit the colors just right. I spoke with one of the developers, and she let me know that they are still trying to decide what to do with the interior of the silos. They may paint over all of the graffiti, or leave spurts of it throughout the walls to add more character to the rooms.

thepeanutfactory-6796thepeanutfactory-6893With easy access to the downtown UTSA campus as well as many hotspots for dining and entertainment, these lofts are perfectly situated. The Peanut Factory Lofts won two awards from the San Antonio Business Journal in 2014 – Best Overhaul and Best Residential Development. We’d like to nominate them for most unique apartment complex in San Antonio!

We have to know – what do you think of the Peanut Factory Lofts?