Texas Cavaliers River ParadeCrowds of people clapping, waving and smiling uncontrollably. This was our view as we sat outside Hotel Contessa during the Texas Cavaliers River Parade. Since 1941, the Texas Cavaliers have graced the River Walk with musical and vibrant floats and for the first time, Jacqueline and I had great seats thanks to the Hotel Contessa!

HotelContessaAnticipation grew as we waited for river boats to pass underneath the Navarro Street bridge. We could hear the music approaching from a distance as we eagerly sat with our phones out and our eyes peeled. There’s not many feelings like that of sitting around your community and feeling the happiness radiate off each person.

Texas Cavaliers River ParadeAfter half of the parade had passed, we headed up to the second floor to check out the terrace view. A private bar awaited and only a handful of people stood amongst the river making it a prime spot for photos. It was quieter up there, but the crowds of people were definitely not out of sight. One of my favorite barges of the night was one that played Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”. Took me right back to the years of no stress but that of high school. Or was it middle school?

As the last river boat passed by, our plans for our next Fiesta activity were set in motion. The Alamodome was a mere four minute drive from Hotel Contessa and we couldn’t resist the short drive to the Fiesta Carnival! To be honest, I was really just craving a funnel cake.

HotelContessa2Whew! The morning after Fiesta. You know the feeling. After about four cups of black coffee, we headed downstairs to Las Ramblas for a much needed energy boost. Breakfast at Las Ramblas is a truly unique experience featuring a breakfast buffet with all the classics. I opted for a three stack of pancakes with syrup and blueberries, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit and oatmeal with brown sugar.

If you’re looking for a hotel to spend the night at with all of San Antonio’s popular Fiesta events nearby, look no further than the Hotel Contessa. Plus, with either a view of downtown or the San Antonio River, you might even choose to stay in your room.