Halcyon interior Yellow tables, the most comfortable couches you could ever sit on and some pretty chill music. These qualities, as well as an extensive menu of comfort food, makes up Halcyon.

Halcyon (hal-see-uh n) located in Southtown along the newly renovated River Walk, may be one of the most relaxing spots we’ve discovered yet. Brick exposed walls and large, vintage windows let in natural light with only a few lightbulbs hanging overhead. Ideal lighting if you want to play on your computer all day, which many people do.

We showed up during brunch and both ended up ordering the fried egg sandwiches. The sandwich was made with Texas toast, wilted spinach, sweet tomatoes and swiss cheese. We opted for an egg white instead of the fried egg, but either would be equally tasty.

Two of the most popular menu items are the fried chicken and waffles, a fluffy belgium waffle with crispy chicken breast, bacon and bourbon barrel maple syrup, and, the appropriately named, Southtown hash made up of cheddar jalapeno sausage with roasted red potatoes topped with two fried eggs over and English muffin. The Southtown hash is also served with bacon and fresh fruit, so regardless of what your mind may be thinking, you are eating a very healthy meal.

Brunch food items are important, but the drinks are where it’s at. I enjoyed a vanilla latte, with gorgeous foam art, while Jacqueline opted for a $3 mimosa. Drip coffee, slow pours, cappuccinos and Vietnamese coffee are only a few of the caffeinated beverages on the menu. For those who want something a little stronger, Halcyon’s got your back with a bloody Mary and a mid day margarita on the menu.

During the later hours, Halcyon keeps it’s super chill vibe, but the bar definitely gets more action. From the Halcyon Cosmopolitan to the Halcyon Mojito, this Southtown hotspot won’t leave you thirsty. One drink caught our eye, the baked apple Manhattan- chilled woodford reserve with organic baked apple bitters. We’ve always loved drinking our dessert.

Coffee and Egg Sandwich

Halcyon Interior

Halcyon Bar

Halcyon Patio