We all know that Instagram “look”, right? That spot you drive by and instantly know it would make a great backdrop for a selfie? Bright colors, great lighting, and a vibe that says, “I’m cool, but I’m not trying to be cool.” It may seem like such a locale would be like a mythical unicorn, impossible to find and not quite real, but thankfully this is NOT the case in San Antonio. With all our culture, public art, and love of happy hues, your Instagram can be chock full of instant “double-tap” photos if you’re only willing to get out there and explore.

HauteinTexas1) The Paint Yard – A great graffiti mural is especially difficult to find, because it may not last forever, it’s probably tucked away in a remote corner of town, and you’ll have to literally stop traffic to get the shot. Taking proper precautions, however, The Paint Yard is totally worth it. The art changes regularly, but all are fun, bright, and make for great 80’s inspired photo shoots. Oh, you don’t do those on a regular basis? Perhaps you should consider it. 😉

InstagramWorthyPlaces_HauteinTexas2) Ocho – Despite offering up a DELICIOUS menu, Ocho’s greatest gift to San Antonio is actually the GD BEAUTIFUL lighting that pours in its windows every day. Don’t believe me? I took this photo before I knew anything about photo editing, and I think I was rocking an iPhone 4 back then. But STILL, it’s bright and well-lit.

InstagramWorthyPlaces_HauteinTexas23) South A La Mode
Nothing screams Instagram like ice cream, right? How about gelato? In a chic yet adorable setting? South A La Mode is that spot, and while you’re at it browse Blue Star in general for a few more photo opps.

InstagramWorthyPlaces_HauteinTexas34) Landa Library
If outdoor, nature-filled photos are more your style, Landa is the perfect central location to do it. The library was originally a private home, built in 1928, and it’s gardens, playscape, and grounds are among the most photogenic locations in San Antonio. Just try to keep your visit to a weekday, on the weekends you’ll find it’s flooded with family photographers.

InstagramWorthy_HauteinTexas5) McNay Art Museum
While there is a fee for professional photographers taking photos on the grounds of this museum, there’s nothing stopping you from finding a great spot and snapping a selfie. The modern architecture, mixed with the sculptures and interesting details will make for a huge stockpile of social media fodder.

InstagramWorthyPlaces_HauteTexas6) Tobin Center Bathroom
Sure, sure, the Tobin is great. And there’s lots of scenic shots to be had around the building. But if you’re going to snap a bathroom selfie, this is the place to do it in SA. White light, neutral backgrounds, and you’ll probably be dressed up for the occasion.

InstagramWorthyPlaces_gabrilledlg7) St. Anthony Hotel
This is the only one on the list I haven’t Instagrammed personally, which is shocking given how gorgeous it is. But take a cue from my friend Gabrielle de la Garza: if you want to look like a chic world traveler to your loyal followers, the St. Anthony lobby will give you an air of sophistication without ever leaving SA.

InstagramWorthyPlaces_HauteinTexas58) San Antonio Botanical Gardens
When a typical park or nature shot just won’t do, head to the Botanical Gardens for out of this world flora and fauna. The fountains alone will mesmerize, and the giant chairs make for a cute couple pic.

InstagramWorthy_BirdBakery9) Bird Bakery
I always tell people it’s as if Pinterest threw up in Bird Bakery. And I meant that in the best way possible. It is just hand lettering, burlap, and precious details to the MAX, and throwing in a sweet treat is a guaranteed smash for social media.

10) The Pearl
I really, really tried to keep this one off the list because it feels so overdone, but as I scrolled through my own feed I realized hipster epicenter of the Alamo City was impossible to ignore. The good news is there’s always something new to discover at The Pearl, be it Hotel Emma or Botika at the moment.

So there you have it. You’ve probably heard of most of these places, but perhaps you haven’t yet looked at them through the lens of social media. Take advantage of your surroundings in the every day, and never miss an opportunity to capture a priceless moment. You won’t regret it!