Boredom at work can lead to extraordinary ideas. Such is the case with BarbacoApparel, a San Antonio based clothing line created by three former co-workers.

BarbacoApparelIn San Antonio, we love our tacos. BarbacoApparel captured the essence of our love into simple, but completely accurate, t-shirts. “Carne Guisada”, “Chorizo&Egg.” and “Bean&Cheese.” are three phrases that you’ll see on menus and t-shirts for years to come.

BarbacoApparelBarbacoApparel’s unique style can be spotted anywhere. One day at my best friends house, I casually walked into her guest room to see two mariachis with avocados for faces placed above the bed. “I gotta get myself some BarbacoApparel,” I thought.

BarbacoApparelYou can find BarbacoApparel Whole Earth Provisions, Leighelena, Roo & Me and San Antonio Museum of Art’s gift shop. Stay hungry and stylish, SA!