discovery-pointFor someone who hasn’t been to SeaWorld since elementary school, I was already pretty excited when I heard I was going to be able to see the new Discovery Point, but add in swimming with dolphins and I was ecstatic. I have always loved dolphins but figured interacting with them would have to be put off until I traveled somewhere out of Texas. Well now, at Discovery Point, anyone over the age of 6 can pay to have an up-close and personal experience. While I just got a sneak peek, guests will spend a total of 2 hours in the area, with about 30 minutes of that time in the water directly interacting with the animals.

DiscoveryPoint2If I had to pick, I would say my favorite part of the experience was getting to hold on to the fins as the dolphin swam back to shore. This is better for those who are comfortable in the water and with swimming, but if you aren’t, don’t let that keep you from the fun! The trainers will be able to adapt to your needs and still provide you with a quality experience. They are also fantastic with the dolphins and have worked hard to get their “varsity team” to be on their best behavior for all guests.

DiscoveryPointNow, for those of you who are concerned about the dolphins’ well-being, as I was, I am happy to report back that the area seemed to be well-suited for them. It was first made to look more natural with coral reefs, and the dolphins have been trained to push certain buttons which allow them to control water features, such as bubbles. Additionally, our particular dolphin was a rescue who was found caught in netting, and has been nursed back to health at SeaWorld.

DiscoveryPoint5If you are interested in booking a visit, while not required but recommended due to high demand, you can visit the page here. The price is currently $125 during the week and $155 on the weekend. Additionally, all equipment was provided and the water temperature was about 78 degrees (perfect for cooling off in the summer heat). However, if you are someone who would rather admire from afar, the underwater viewing area is another great place to visit because it is available to all guests at no extra fee. I was also excited to find out that you can also interact with beluga whales (interestingly described by the trainers as “large marshmallows”) and sea lions.

Overall, I think this would be an amazing experience for anyone. The dolphins were extremely gentle, friendly, obedient, and everything you would expect them to be. So, if you have ever wanted to pretend you were a dolphin trainer or just give them a big, fat kiss, this might be the place for you! Let us know if you have any questions about the experience in the comments below!