Known for its “hot dogs and cold beer,” Frank is offering San Antonio with not only one of the most unique dining establishments, but now a bountiful brunch. Now you can finally knock out attending church AND eating brunch simultaneously.


Frank BrunchChurch turned restaurant located at 1150 S. Alamo St in Southtown offers some holy brunch dishes including: Chicken & Waffles, Grilled Cheese Waffle Sammy, Pork Belly Hash, and even a Biscuit & Gravy Burger. The church also holds home to a bar, so mimosas and Bloody Mary’s all around!

Frank Coffee

I decided to order the Pulled Pork Hash – a bed of house made pulled pork underneath a blanket of baby spinach accommodated with two eggs and Texas Toast with the most delicious apple butter. The dish was so incredibly balanced with every section of the food pyramid presented. The Holy Trinity meal if I may say so. Where’s the fruit you ask? Besides that smooth apple butter, I believe my Mimosa was sufficient enough to meet the fruit requirement.

Frank Brunch

My date was feeling a little more adventurous and ordered the Grilled Cheese Waffle Sammy featuring stacked bacon fused waffle quarters stuffed with pulled pork, queso, eggs and topped with vine tomatoes and jalapeno hollandaise. I got to snag a bite and it was as delicious as it sounds fun. Which is what brunch is all about right? Having fun!

Frank Cocktail

Don’t worry. You don’t have to wake up too early for these blessed breakfast beauties. Frank gives you plenty of time to grab brunch, especially for us late sleepers. Brunch is available on Sunday from 10 am – 3pm and even includes a ‘Brunch for Drunks Limited Menu’ from 3pm – 4pm for the Saturday night partiers.