Welcome to my Girl-Cave! Have you ever wondered why only men get “man-caves”? Women need their caves too, I know I really needed one! And well yes, my cave is a closet, but it’s also my home office. It’s a win-win situation. But in all honesty, blogging is a lot more work than people really think, and having a little space to work and be your own (just like guys have) is what we all need!

toasty-2For a fashion lover, our home closets were a bit small. Since my blog – Toasty A – has been growing, I really needed a home office and we were very lucky that we had a spare room that we could transform into it. I’m a visual person and being able to stare at my clothes when I have no idea what to wear solves it (most of the times).

My shopping spots vary from local boutiques to big stores at the mall. One of my favorite local boutiques is Camilla Crown. I love their always girly/chic style, plus the girls there will always put together the perfect look for you. When it comes to store brands, I love Zara. It’s where one can find the latest styles but without the designer price tags!

Shopping Tip: You don’t have to spend all your money on designer clothing. You just have to have a good eye for quality and what you pair your outfit with. I love shopping at Forever21 (I mean who doesn’t love their prices?) and then I spend a bit more on the accessories (shoes and handbags), to boost my look.

Styling tips: Jewelry is your friend. You can always take a very basic jeans and t-shirt look to the next level by adding a statement piece. My pick is a big necklace! But if you’re going big on your neck keep all other jewelry accessories to a minimum.

Go with your gut: We all have those days, the “I have nothing to wear!” days, and it’s true we feel nothing looks good and that we need something new. If this happens and your significant other is hurrying you up, always go with your favorite outfit. Even if you’ve worn it countless times, you’ll be comfortable because you know you look good in it! Dresses and tunics are an easy way out too.

Most importantly, and this is something I’ve learned to do here in San Antonio, if you like something, like high fashion? GO FOR IT! We see all these amazing girls going to fashion week in killer outfits, or maybe love how women dress and walk around in New York, and there’s no reason why we (San Antonio) can’t dress like them!