Located on the Pearl grounds rests leighelena, an eccentric shop that sells an abundance of cowboy boots, unique jewelry, vintage clothing and entertaining items.

The cowboy boots were beautifully lined up in the corner of the shop and immediately made you feel like going to the rodeo and just a couple feet away were racks overflowing with gorgeous vintage clothing. Not a dull color in sight and the ideal place to shop when you want to make sure you won’t run into anyone wearing an identical outfit.

Did we mention the entertaining items yet? Yes, at leighelena, not only will you find beautiful, hand crafted jewelry and accessories, but you’ll also find everything you need to get a party started (alcohol not included), Bob Marley paintings and books with titles such as the Official Dictionary of  Sarcasm and Taxidermy Art. We loved the mixture of gorgeous goods and humorous books, cards and knick-knacks.