VogeBoutique-2Voge Boutique, located at 1846 N. Loop 1604 W., truly lives up to it’s name. The chic and trendy boutique features numerous brands of clothing, accessories and fun gifts. We sat down with Kristen Voges Bush, owner of Voge Boutique, and talked about how she got started online, what her favorite spring trends are and inspiration for the San Antonio fashion scene.

VogeBoutique-3Twenty Something SA: How long has Voge Boutique been open?
Kristen Voges bush: I opened the store three years ago and I started on Facebook five years ago in college. Originally, I would post a picture and people would ask me where I bought my clothing at and I finally decided to sell what I liked online.

20SA: Where do you get your pieces from?
KV: We go to the market in Dallas or Las Vegas. Sometimes we go to LA which is the hub of all the retail wholesale. It’s kind of going through Ross because you see a million different things and you have to go through racks and racks of samples and plan everything through a six month schedule.

20SA: What advice would you give someone who wants to open their own boutique?
KV: I suggest starting small. I started on Facebook and went to Instagram and the physical store came later. I was able to learn a lot about my customer and how the business works before I jumped in and made a huge investment. Instagram shops are very popular right now and that’s a good place to start. Instagram and Facebook are the way to go.

20SA: What are the most popular trends for spring?
KV: Accessories wise, this whole choker thing is coming in and a lot of people are liking it. Metal mixing is very popular as well as tassels. Layering bracelets too.

VogeBoutique-520SA: What’s your ideal Fiesta outfit for going out?
KV: For Fiesta, I would say a floral, bright dress. Something really fun and loose so you can drink all your beer and eat all your food! Printed dresses and rompers are huge for Fiesta this year. Top it off with a little flower crown and you’re good to go.

20SA: What are the most popular items in the store?
KV: Definitely rompers. We’re romp city over here. From tight and fitted to structured and loose. We also do very well with dresses and prints. We have a piñata of prints here!

20SA: The fashion community is growing in San Antonio, what do you want to see more of for women and men?
KV: Honestly, I feel like we don’t have a good community of boutiques that are connected to each other. There are a lot of cities where you can go boutiquing and hit up a bunch of shops in one area. Also, just more inspiration and having people dress up for the day. Moving forward, I would love to see people be more inspired through fashion.

Next time you get the urge to shop it out, make sure to check out Voge Boutique and shop local!