Camilla CrownAt the beginning of 2015, Teresa Carmona opened Camilla Crown off 1604 and Blanco. Seven months later, it’s one of the most fashionable retail shops in San Antonio. We visited Camilla Crown on a Saturday afternoon and let’s just say we wanted to trade in our entire closet.

Camilla CrownWalking into Camilla Crown, located at 427 North Loop 1604 West, is comparable to walking into a high-fashion boutique in New York or California. Beautiful blossoms cascade from the ceiling as a summer chandelier, local art pieces decorate the shelves and brightly colored clothing hang all around. A couch with pillows that could very well be art pieces sits in front of the counter and on top of the counter rests multiple glass canisters filled to the brim with salt water taffy.

Camilla CrownClothing prices average about $50. Teresa says she shops all over the country for unique clothing and tries to keep most of the price tags under $100.

When we asked Teresa about her view on clothing she gave us a beautiful response.

“Clothing is a way to pick you up if you’re having a horrible day. Put on some great clothes and look amazing so people will think you feel amazing too. It’s a great armor.”

Camilla CrownCamilla Crown has a commitment to bring something different to San Antonio as well as provide above par customer service. If you have something in your closet that you’ve been wanting to wear but don’t know what to wear it with, bring it in to Camilla Crown and the staff will assist you in finding the piece to complete your outfit. The boutique also ships to customers all over Texas! If you spot something on Camilla Crown’s Instagram or website that you want, you can easily email or iMessage the store at to find out if your size is in stock, have it charged and shipped or swing by and pick up your new look. Shopping for the 21st century.

“Just come and have fun. No pressure; just have fun. We love what we do and we’re super excited to share with everyone!” Teresa says.