eilan-0703When Éilan Hotel & Spa began peeking above the highway, I was shopping around La Cantera (before I got out of my bubble!) and thought to myself, “what a cool looking area”. The Tuscan-inspired buildings create a unique community consisting of luxury residences, business offices, shopping, restaurants and the breathtaking Éilan Hotel & Spa. After years of watching the hotel from a distance, Jacqueline and I checked into a room for a day and night of truly exploring all the community has to offer.

EilanThe lobby of Éilan Hotel & Spa reflects the epitome of luxurious hotel stays. Furniture I wish I could pack into my suitcase lay all around and a staircase that brides could stand upon to showcase their wedding dress. Once we received the key to our designer room, Jacqueline and I quickly rushed to the elevators and went to our designated floor. The click of the card key opening a bit of paradise causes my heart to melt.

Walking into the room, I immediately knew we were going to have an amazing night. A cheese plate greeted us in the living room as well as nice bottle of red wine. Down the hallway there a desk on your right with an extra large mirror that led right to the bedroom with a gorgeous view of the Éilan pool. While Jacqueline snapped some photos, I gathered the cheese tray and began devouring every last bit. Well, we saved some for later that night because that was an intense amount of cheese.

Eilan SpaNext on the agenda, a trip to the fabulous spa. You don’t have to stay at the Éilan Hotel & Spa to treat yourself to a spa treatment. If you’re looking for a place to completely drain all the worrisome thoughts in your mind, come get a signature massage. While the massage contributes to the pure relaxation, the time before and after the massage in the relaxation areas and private terrace makes the experience unforgettable. Lounge on a chaise while you sip on hot tea, nibble on trail mix and watch videos of birds and flowers swaying in the wind. No reality TV here!

Once I drank enough tea, I headed out to the private terrace and actually put my phone away. While laying out, I glanced to my left and saw an elderly couple enjoying chocolate strawberries and a bottle of champagne. There is so much to look forward to in life.

eilan-0766eilan-0765Hunger hit hard after the private terrace experience. The intense hunger caused us to order practically every appetizer at Sustenio, the Éilan Hotel & Spa signature restaurant. The photos above features pimento cheese with house-made chicharrone (ultimate favorite!), hell’s eggs with candied bacon, breaded chicken bites, and chile-chorizo flatbread.

eilan-0789If you thought that was enough food for us, you were right. But instead of chowing down the whole plate, we paced ourselves so we were able to fully enjoy our entrees. I was extremely proud of myself for this decision when the honey-fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits and mashed potato tots came out! Make a mini sandwich or pile on the jam, either way the dish is one you shouldn’t miss!

eilan-0797I thought I was done. Honestly! However, I ordered the Dr. Pepper Float with a warm brownie and Snickers ice cream. No regrets, no regrets at all. The presentation of the dessert was on point, especially the red and white striped straw.

eilan-0756Staycations are all about enjoying yourself so we stopped by the Mercato Café, the lively Italian market and deli residing inside the hotel, to stock up on late night snacks. After our room was ready for the night, we headed down to George’s Keep for a few cocktails. Éilan Hotel & Spa, thank you for showing us what it means to truly relax.

What do you think of Éilan Hotel & Spa? Would you want to staycation here? Let us know in the comments!