Sapporo on HausmanBright colors, large Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling and simply beautiful art carved into the wood that surrounds most of the restaurant. Walking into Sapporo reminded me of walking into a night club, except instead of dancing all night, you get to indulge in the most moderately priced sushi we’ve ever come across. So much better than dancing.

Sapporo Geta Box 5When we found out that Sapporo serves bento boxes for lunch and dinner, Alyssa and I could hardly believe it was true. Literally. We had to call and double check before we visited. Bento tray specials which feature a kitchen entree, steamed rice, fried gyoza, salad, soup and four pieces of a California roll start at $6.50 for lunch and $7.50 for dinner. The sushi geta specials (sushi bento boxes) start at $5 for lunch and $5.50 for dinner! Sapporo, we applaud you many times over for your fresh sushi and amazing prices. Located at 5638 Hausman Road, this is a perfect lunch spot for college students (UTSA!).

sapporo--5I ordered the bento tray special with teriyaki chicken and Alyssa ordered the geta-5, a sushi bento box with 17 pieces of sushi! Five pieces of a fried California roll, spicy tuna roll and shrimp tempura roll, and two pieces of salmon and tuna nigiri. How much was the geta-5? A mere $8.50 for dinner.

Sapporo RamenAnother hot item at Sapporo? Ramen. And we don’t just say hot because of it’s popularity; this ramen is spicy. Alyssa and I ordered the Karai Ramen – a Korean style, spicy broth dressed with bean sprouts, green onion, a boiled egg and ground pork. For $5, we were both able to fully indulge in the ramen and I even took some left over soup home!

SapporoSapporo features many unique sushi rolls. One sushi roll imparticular caught my attention and gave us another reason to go back. The imperial guard roll consists of avocado and tempura shrimp inside, and eel, three types of tobiko, spicy mayo and eel sauce on top. Did we mention it’s smoked with a flame? I didn’t know exactly what this meant until we walked across a table that had ordered the fiery roll and saw a gentleman pour flaming soy sauce onto the sushi. For $17, this roll will fill you up!

As soon as Alyssa and I walked outside the doors of Sapporo, we began to plan our next trip back. Finally, a sushi restaurant that won’t leave your bank account crying.

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