ash1From personal drivers to alcohol delivered safely to your door, San Antonio is going mobile. Companies are starting to offer mobile delivery services to better accommodate their customers. Amazon, Lyft, Uber, Minibar and Postmates are among the popular providers. With the click of a button – or two – you can have a driver pick you up or your favorite food delivered to you.

HEB South FloresAmazon recently launched it’s one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, in San Antonio. This speedy service, offered exclusively to Amazon Prime members, will deliver any of the tens of thousands of essential items found online to your doorstep. In Austin, a few of the most popular items ordered are gummy bears and bottled water. No surprise there! Prime Now is currently offered in select zip codes but will expand rapidly to other zip codes around San Antonio. The service is available 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week; free for the two-hour delivery and $7.99 for the one-hour delivery.

Postmates is an online food delivery services that will deliver any meal from any restaurant and/or store in the Alamo City and the U.S. Postmates drivers are available 24/7 in multiple zip codes in San Antonio. Currently, Postmates will pay the delivery fee for you! This offer lasts until April 2016.

galpaogaucho-3055Imagine this – you’re having a get together, you’ve had a couple beers and you realize there’s no more drinks for your friends. Instead of ending the night early (because we know you wouldn’t drive!), you can now order alcohol safely from your couch. Minibar, a New York-based tech startup, delivers wine and spirits to customers within an hour with no extra retail price surcharge. Minibar will check your ID at the door to ensure compliance with Texas liquor laws. Party on, SA!

As for safe-rides in San Antonio, Uber and Lyft received permission from the City Council to come back into business. The two companies offer rides in a more convenient and affordable way than taxis. Lyft has yet to set an official date for their return, but Uber is up and running.

As the city grows, so does the convenient start-up businesses that cater to our city’s essential needs. Check out any of these companies if you need a quick and simple delivery to your doorstep.