CuppencakeEver since we saw charming photos of an oversized teddy bear on social media, Jacqueline and I have been excited to come enjoy coffee and some pastries at Cuppencake.

Located at 22211 W IH-10 in the Dominion Ridge shopping center is Cuppencake, an espresso bar and pastry lounge.

Cuppencake scone and teaWhen you enter the doors of the shop, you’re greeted with the chillest of playlists. Alina Baraz, Mumford and Sons, Matt and Kim and other relaxing bands played throughout our visit. As we walked up to the ordering bar, I immediately knew I was going to want to order everything. Large cookies were on display in glass canisters and below that were different flavored muffins, scones, cheesecakes, muffins and cinnamon rolls overflowing with icing. After staring at the cinnamon rolls for five minutes, I ordered a latte (which was delicious and not too strong), a cranberry and orange scone and oatmeal with golden raisins on pumpkin seeds. Although I was tempted by the classic, cinnamon oatmeal, I strayed away from my comfort zone and gave myself a mental high five. After pouring some honey on my oatmeal, it was ready to go and has provided me with energy all day. I guess the latte helped as well.

Cuppencake pastriesJacqueline ordered green tea and a banana muffin, which Cuppencake warmed up. With all our breakfast items in hand, we found a nice wooden table with orange, metal chairs next to the window. The chairs perfectly balanced the comfortable grey couches near the entrance. Cuppencake is extremely spacious and provides you with numerous different seating options, as well as tables and couches outside with heat lamps when the cold months hit.

Cuppencake latte and muffinI’d like to think that I know all about the different coffee beverages I order, but I do not. However, after looking at Cuppencake’s amazing menu featured drawings depicting the ratio of milk and expresso in a latte, cappuccino and cortado, I feel I will be more confident when Jacqueline and I chat about coffee and everything relating to caffeine. Other beverages include an Americano, macchiato, Mexican hot chocolate and chai latte, among others.

On our next trip to Cuppencake, we’ll definitely be indulging in the infamous cuppencake – a cake in a cup!

Have you had a cuppencake yet?