Culinaria, the not-for-profit organization we love, impressed us again with an event at Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg. Working to make San Antonio a premier food and wine destination means encouraging the locals to try attending something like Rambling Rosé. While it may have been our first time to the event, Culinaria has teamed up with Becker to put on Rambling Rosé 17 times!

RamblingRose3The experience included a blind sampling of eight wines with an expert panel to guide you along the way. While all of the wines were a rosé, it was very interesting to see how different they could be. From hints of cherry to green melon, and all shades of red. Rosé wine, we were told, is the perfect wine for Texans because it is best served over ice and chilled (and we generally need to drink something chilled nine months out of the year). I can safely say that I will be buying a few bottles of Rosé next time I go to the store, or maybe even a “rosé all day” shirt.

RamblingRoseThe food we were served was provided by Supper, a restaurant located at Hotel Emma. The father/son duo served a colorful plate with everything from a smoky mushroom to a broccoli salad. Rosé is a great food wine because you can find one that will pair with almost anything, whether you are serving fish or having a backyard BBQ.

Another thing I love about these events is that all are welcome, no matter your prior knowledge of wine. The panelists encourage people to ask questions along the way to make sure everyone is learning from the experience. Additionally, they made sure to say that this was your tasting and therefore there was no right or wrong to what you were tasting. This is something I have noticed with other Culinaria events, they want to make sure that the experience is something that can be enjoyed by all, expert or novice.

Look out for Rambling Rosé next summer and don’t forget about Culinaria’s Restaurant Week starting on Saturday, August 13th. We can’t wait!