If I close my eyes I can perfectly visualize the first time I bit into a poké bowl. I was sitting outside by Jacqueline’s pool for a HEB photo shoot (featuring a salmon poké bowl + tasty kombucha!) and as I was waiting I bit into the fresh salmon, crisp veggies and rice concoction and had to hold myself back from demolishing the bowl in it’s entirety. The bowl fulfilled all of my sushi cravings and dare I say it was even better…even better than sushi…

In Hawaii, poké refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish that is tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. Just as I was becoming accustomed to picking up my salmon poké bowl at HEB to get my raw fish fix, Rolling Fish Sushiburrito & Poké opens off I-10 and De Zavala and my whole poké bowl obsession hits a new level.

At Rolling Fish you can customize your poké bowl or sushiburrito to your stomachs delight. First, choose your base – poké bowl (sushi rice or organic brown rice), poké salad (fresh romaine) or sushi burrito (sushi rice in seaweed wrap). After you have your base figured out, it’s onto the protein! You can either get two scoops of protein for $8.95 or three scoops for $10.95. I topped my poké bowl with two scoops of salmon. Other protein choices are spicy tuna, ahi tuna, spicy salmon, chicken, boiled shrimp, shrimp tempura, eel and crab sticks.

We still have four more steps to go! The third step is your mix-ins which includes cucumber, mango (!!), edamame, red onion, pineapple, sweet corn, kale, carrots and red cabbage. After you have your mix-ins for your protein, it’s on to the dressings followed by toppings which range from crab salad (no extra charge!) to cream cheese. Once your toppings are in place you can add some crunch to your bowl with garlic crisps, shredded nori and more.

If this sounds overwhelming and you’re already wondering what in the world you would even put in your poké bowl- don’t worry! Rolling Fish also features signature poké dishes to choose from.

Don’t end your order without choosing one of Rolling Fish’s specialty drinks. The light bulb specialties caught my eye and although I was hesitant to pay $6.50 for tea, all skepticism was washed away with my first sip of the passion fruit orange tea with rainbow jelly. Rolling Fish also offers milk tea, coffee, iced green or black tea and smoothies.

Have you been to Rolling Fish? Let us know your favorite entree + drink in the comments below!