ash1Postmates, a new delivery service that launched on Wednesday, is bringing all of your favorite foods right to your door, or office. Craving Sushi Zushi, the Cove, Barbaro, Chipotle, Bird Bakery or in need of convenient store items? By downloading the Postmates app, all of these amazing restaurants, bakeries and stores (even Starbucks, even Starbucks) are just a finger touch away.

We sat down with Jill Flynn from Postmates while she was set up in Geekdom for the San Antonio launch to find out how Postmates is transforming our growing city.

Twenty Something SA: What does Postmates mean?
Jill Flynn: It’s about the connotation of matching you up with people who are out there working with Postmates. When they see your request they can say “Yeah, that’s something I want to do” and then take care of that delivery. It’s like a perfect match for you and an employee – Postmate.

20SA: Why did you choose San Antonio as the next city to launch Postmates?
JF: San Antonio is a great city and the food scene here is great. There’s a lot of amazing food here. We already exist in Austin and we’ve done well there as well as in Dallas and Houston and we added San Antonio because we wanted to all the big, awesome cities in Texas to have Postmates.

20SA: Do you deliver anywhere in San Antonio?
JF: We have a specific delivery zone. If you have the customer app installed on your phone, you can go to the support section and you can see the zone. It doesn’t cover all of San Antonio – yet.

20SA: What do you think Postmates will bring to a growing city like San Antonio?
JF: I think that we bring a lot of great things to a city. First of all, opportunities for folks to make money on the platform – our Postmates. It’s a great way for a student, or someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time, to make extra money, or even work full time. For local businesses or smaller businesses that don’t have the infrastructure to create its own delivery program, we allow them to reach customers that they probably aren’t reaching now. It’s a new way to create revenue.

20SA: Why did Postmates choose Geekdom as it’s workplace in San Antonio?
JF: We like to work out of co-work spaces when we enter a city and we’ve found that it suits our needs really well and it’s great to work in a collaborative atmosphere. We meet all kinds of people who are interested in being Postmates or customers so it helps us to get established inside of a market quickly, especially at Geekdom where the membership is so high and the sense of community here is really, really awesome. We chose Geekdom because of how supportive the community is here. As far as co-working spaces go, and I’ve worked in quite a few, Geekdom is up there at the top.

20SA: We know that there’s currently free delivery going on for Postmates – how long will the free delivery last?
JF: Free delivery will go through the end of April. There will be no delivery fees. Right now we also have a promo code – gosat – that gives you $10 in delivery credit to use when free delivery ends.

OsakaSushi_Postmates_SanAntonioToday, we had sushi from Osaka on Broadway delivered to us by Postmates and our experience was flawless. The app allows you to track when your order is picked up, how far the driver is and when your order has arrived. One of the best lunch breaks we’ve had in a long time!

What do you think about Postmates?